Evelyn Brito

All the Way
to Hollywood

When I met Evelyn Brito from EB Productions,
she was carrying a large black bag with NALIP (National Association of Latino Independent Producers) discreetly displayed across the front of the bag. She takes out a sleek, white laptop. With a touch of a button, she wastes no time. “I have my films and my shows right here to show you.” She hands me a CD for me to keep of her award winning short-film Blues in Green, for which she won first place for Best Experimental Short Film in the 2005 New England Film Festival.

I start to wonder if the EB
of EB Productions
really stands for “Everything Business”. Taking a 2nd look at her, EB could stand for “Elegantly Beautiful”.
I wonder why she is behind the camera and not in front of it. In fact, Evelyn Brito produces, directs, writes and acts. She fulfills every role necessary to get her films done- including packing her bags in Boston and heading to Hollywood.

This Beauty and the Biz story begins in Boston, Massachusetts. For the last five years, Evelyn Brito
produced the popular Boom TV comedy show on Boston’s Channel 23. Boom TV featured stand up comedy, comedy skits and interviews with local comedians and well-known comedians as well such as John Whitherspoon, Mike Epps, A.J. Johnson, and Lazee Lamont.

At first, she visited countless local comedy clubs trying to convince them to feature them on TV. Comedians would tell her that they weren’t ready for TV or that they didn’t think they were funny enough. She wouldn’t give up pitching her idea of a comedy show on public access TV. There wasn’t any. Until finally someone gave her a shot and Boom TV began with a bang! Boston's best comedian Jonathan Gates helped her get her start, as well as "comedian by night and superhero by day" Corey Manning.

Evelyn herself is quite a comedian. She kept me laughing, setting up jokes with the acuity of a well-seasoned actress and delivered the punch lines with the swiftness and grace of an Elegant Boxer.

She explains that she was involved in every aspect of the comedy show and that is how she realized that what she really wants to do is make films. The production of the whole show is what she loves. The more she did it, the more she realized that she really wants to be a filmmaker. And so her next move is to do just that- to move to Hollywood to follow her dream to become a filmmaker. Or really to continue her dream. To use her experience producing Boom TV to make movies.

In between her cool and slick one –liners, she discusses a film, still in its beginning stages, she is currently working on which will be filmed on location in her homeland of the Dominican Republic, which is about the Haitian population living within the Dominican Republic.

When asked if there are any projects lined up after that one, she rattles off a list of projects she is planning on. All the films she enthusiastically talks about have a similar theme. There are all socially conscious and most are focused on the struggles of women. When I asked her why all her films seem to be socially aware, she explains that she wants to make “films about what matters”.

I told her if I were to tell her right here, right now that I will produce her next film, which project would she choose? She only stumbled long enough to take a breath and she said, “It would be ‘Stripped’”. She had placed a notebook next to her laptop which she now nonchalantly glances at so that her words flowed Eloquently and Blissfully. “‘Stripped’ is a story chronicling the daily activities of a women’s prison facility, its survival and its inhabitants and the crimes that continue against the women within the prison. It's an overview on women, prison and life behind bars.”

How will her success as a comedic producer transform into a serious women activist-filmmaker? Effortlessly Baby! Evelyn Brito will make the transition from a comedic producer to an activist-filmmaker effortlessly! And she’ll probably make jokes all the way on her journey from Boston to Hollywood!

Watch out for Evelyn Brito’s next short film, Lleno de Celos, which explores whether or not Latina women are more likely to experience jealous conflicts than white or black women. She explains, "Some of our hombres still believe strongly in machismo and that they own us and some of us fall for the 'Oh if he’s jealous he must be crazy for me'."

Well, I'm jealous of EB from EB Productions! ¡Sí! Estoy Envidiosa de la Burlesca. Jealous of Evelyn Brito who started out with a simple comedy show and now is laughing all the way to Hollywood!

Interview by La Diva Latina

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