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My Book

My New Book

Buscando el Sueño

Searching for Sleep

A Bilingual Bedtime Story

bilingual bedtime book

Two sisters would rather play and giggle instead of going to sleep. Their Grandma had a perfect way to get them to sleep. It worked every time!


These two little girls are complete opposites. Julie is studious, smart, and detail-oriented. Her older sister Jeannie is creative and free-spirited. They both have a task to do, however. Their Grandma asks them to do something that intrigues both sisters.

Can these two sisters figure out their Grandma's riddle before it's too late? Before they fall asleep?!A funny story of the biggest dilemma known to parents: how to get your children to go to sleep!


My Third Book

sobrino cover - J2.jpg

The Sobrino Connection

An aunt orchestrates the perfect Sleep Over for her nephews, but things don't turn out as planned.
A sweet and comical story about the loving relationship between a free-spirited aunt and her loving nephews with a backdrop of a very conservative mother who frowns upon her sister's parenting style.


My Second Book


Baseball Calling

Baseball aficionado father can not let go of his dream of making it to the major leagues. He tirelessly trains his son, since the day his son was born, to follow his dream to become a baseball player. And why wouldn't he? Everyone knows how close he was to making it to the Major Leagues! 


My First Book

I Am My Grandmother's Daughter

Journey of a girl raised by her grandmother in a world of spirituality and unconditional love. An autobiographical memoir of magic and unbreakable bond between a granddaughter and the grandmother that raised her.



I'm Jennese Torres.
Better known as
La Diva Latina.  Why?
Because Living the American
Dream I Vividly Act Latina!*

*See what I did there?




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